Sani Fresh Toilet Cleaner- 1 Litre

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1 L

Product Description:

There's nothing that makes a bathroom cleaner than a shiny toilet bowl, free of dangerous germs. The best toilet cleaner for that is Sanifresh. With an advanced shine booster formulation, it boasts 10 times more cleaning power than other cleaners and helps kill 99.9% of germs.

How to Use
Sanifresh works well in both Western and Indian toilets and is also safe for septic tanks.

Key Features
- Sanifresh not just cleans 50x better but also sanitizes by killing 99.9% germs
- Its advanced thicker formulation makes the toilet extraordinary clean and gives shine like new, saves time & effort in cleaning and gives faster, effortless cleaning
- Try Sanifresh and get Free Odonil room freshener for extraordinarily clean, sanitized and fresh toilet!
- Suitable for western and Indian Toilets

- Its 10x superior cleaning property makes it the best toilet cleaner to have around.
- Provides a toilet with extra shine.
- Cleans fast and efficiently.
- Advanced thicker formulation makes it stay on longer and adds to its antibacterial effect.
- Long-lasting fragrance that accompanies a clean toilet.


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