Side Window Sun Shade For BMW X1 (Black)

M.R.P: 3000   Price: 3000
1 pc

1. Automatically rolling: roll up or down with the window glass automatically. The sunshade hook is attached to the window glasses, then the sunshade fabric will roll up when then the glass is up and the fabric will roll into the aluminum tube automatically when the glass is down .
2. uni-directional ray transportation: Maofeng polyester fabric have the function to restrict light from outside, from outside people can not see the inside, but according to pinhole imaging theory, , people from inside can see the outside clearly. This function give the modern busy people enough privacy spaces while keep the driving safe.
3. sunshine protecting: Polyester imported from USA can effectively filter the Ultraviolet rays and restrict the sunshine accessing, this can save the air-conditioner energy about 60% and aslo prolong the life of decorations inside .
4. Fire-resistant: Polyester can resist the fire burning and keep the car life safe.
5. Quality and making process ensurance: Skilled workers, advanced area machines and details attentions makes quality prefect.
6. Long usage life: Polyester have the especial characteristics that resist olden, water-proof and so on making the curtains can use as long as 10years.
7. Installation: Very easy to install and uninstall with without change any facilities in the car.
8. Easy clearing : Quite easy to clean the sunshade because its electrostatic prevention function. , Dignity and Elegance: Fashion design, good-looking and obviously effect give you a five-star car life"


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