Sogo Deluxe Citrus Juicer (JPN-524)

M.R.P: 3800   Price: 3800
1 pc

  • Product Description:

Sogo’s Deluxe Citrus Juicer JPN – 524 is an excellent choice for everyone seeking the freshness of citrus fruits. This handy juicer comes with a detachable design to make all your cleaning jobs convenient. You can extract every last drop of citrusy essence and enjoy your favorite juices at home. JPN – 524 has a transparent jar that helps you to monitor real-time extraction and prevent juice overflow. You can choose to maintain the pulpiness using its sieve adjuster. You can order this compact citrus juicer online from Adibuja and get it at the best price.

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Product Specifications:

- 1 Litre Capacity
- Detachable Body
- Perfect for Citrus Fruits
- Transparent Body
- Two Way Spin


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