Stahl Artisan Triply Fry Pan

M.R.P: 3080   Price: 3080
1 pc

The Stahl Artisan stainless steel Frypan, is a product that has set a benchmark in utility, quality and efficiency. This is a frypan that is a must have in the kitchen because of it’s ease of handling, elevated cooking experience and versatility. Make your favorite patties, stir fries, eggs etc. on this stainless steel frypan. The Artisan Frypan is manufactured with utmost care and precision, ensuring an impeccable feel and finish. This Stahl Frypan is made in triply material which has three layers sandwiched together through the entire body of the utensil, providing an unparalleled cooking experience. Upon seasoning well, this product acts like a non-stick pan. Great to Make : Pancakes, eggs , Crepes, Chilla, Patties, Stir-Fry Vegetables, Shallow-fried dishes


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