Stainless Steel Side Foot Step

M.R.P: 334   Price: 334
1 pc

Nissan Kicks step board devised with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)anti-slip self snap buttons in stainless steel platform aligned in a way to give more eminence to the step. step-in platform have fastened enough underneath with the anti-rust coated reinforcement supported by the provened brackets. blended edges of the running board edge finisher confirms safety to the pedestrians and passengers as well. side foot rest are being tested for multi various specifications ensuring the quality resulting reliability & durability towards other environmental aspects to an extent. side running board adds up your car a new ritzy look and aesthetical value to your car. Running board giving more convenience to board for the aged and kids. step board stretch out design supports side body, doors from damages and scratches of your car at the congestions.


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