Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Creme Biscuits

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Lose yourself in the luxurious aroma of Theobroma Cacao with Dark Fantasy range of creme biscuits. Dark Fantasy Choco Creme is a double chocolate delight made with rich, dark Choco crème from Theobroma Cacao between intricate, thin biscuits, with a classic chocolate flavour. To chocolate lovers, each bite is a taste of heaven.

  • Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, refined palm hydrogenated vegetable oil, cocoa solids (4.2%), invert syrup, raising agents [ins 503(ii), ins 500(i), ins 450()], iodized salt, milk solids, emulsifier lecithin (from soyabean)] and humectant (ins 1520).contains added flavour) (artificial flavouring substances vanilla).contains wheat. milk solids and soya. may contain traces of sulphites