Syska 1 Feet 4 Watt Straight Linear LED Tube Light (White)

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1 pc

Product Description:
Are your tube lights letting you down? Do they take ages to light up and then burn out in a short time? It’s time to switch to Syska LED Tube Lights. CFL tube lights contain mercury which is very harmful for you and the environment. If CFL tube lights break, they can emit harmful chemicals. Whereas LEDs do not contain mercury, hence they are way safer and cooler. Compared to CFLs they’re long lasting and give out the highest brightness with less wattage. Syska is synonymous with LED lighting in India! Syska is a pioneer in LED lighting innovation and constantly strives to give you the most advanced technology in LED lighting. It aims to develop products that save maximum energy, consume least power and provide optimum output. Syska’s 8W T5 Batten Tube Light incorporates these technological advancements to give you tube lights that last longer, consume less electricity and shine brighter.

About this item:
- Include: 1N
- Wattage: 4 watts
- Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
- Includes: LED Tubelight ; Suitable For: Home, Office ; Power Consumption: 4 W ; Other Power and Operating Features: Lumen Per Wattage: 100 Lm / W
- Length: Standard (1 ft), color temperature - 6500k, lumens
- Supported by better extruded Plastic body No UV Radiation
- Replacement for your old conventional tube lights
- Lower Consumption & energy saving
- Wide operating voltage


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