Syska Power Wheel PW-0301 3 Socket Extension Boards (Grey)

M.R.P: 269   Price: 269
1 pc

Product Description:

Syska power wheel PW 0301 is a uniquely designed extension board for all your appliances. This smart power wheel supports daily appliances with mid-range power consumption. In addition, you can use it to connect your computer, laptop, and other electronic devices to use them all at once. You get a 4m long chord to conveniently use your device from the desired location. Now, you do not have to look for a separate socket for every device. Simply, plug in the extension cord, and you are good to go.

About this Item:

- Strong ABS Material
- Type M Plug
- 15W, 440 Gm
- Universal Multiplug Socket
- White & Grey Color
- Multiplug Compatibility
- 4m Long Cord

Check out these power plugs and extension cords from Syska, Syska SSK-MPS-0401 ABS 4 Way Power Plug (Multi Plug Syska Socket) and Syska SSK-EBU-0302 ABS 3 Way Power Strip with USB (White and Grey). Adibuja offers the best buy price to its customers; order online to get the biggest deals & discounts.


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