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T-500 Smartwatch and Lip Gloss Tint for Dry and Chapped Lips

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1 pc

Product Description:
T500 Smart Watch -
Smart Lifestyle single Strap watch without Crown Working 1. Live a Smart Lifestyle Count your calorie burn, foot steps, heart measurement , blood pressures And many exercise readings after just choosing this smart bracelet. 2. Easy to Connect with your smartphone just download the application which mentioned in manual connect with you phone Turn on the features in application Enjoy the product. 3. Unique way to Charge There are unique and easy way to charge the smart bracelet You can directly put into your mobile's adapter no cable
Lipstick  - 
Bored of the ordinary chap sticks which don’t look any different from glue sticks? Get these new heart shaped lip tints. These lip tints will provide moisturization and hydration to your lips for longer duration and give them a soft glossy look. Our lip gloss provides your lips with a subtle tint of pink in different shades which is perfect for those simple and natural looks. Our packaging is designed keeping in mind the trend and style preferences of today’s youth. This is why our lip gloss comes in a small heart shaped package with metallic-finished cap as we know that all the things cute and shiny are in the rage right now. These lip gloss pack can also serve as a perfect gift for young girls and can also be given as party-favours for birthday parties. The small and handy packaging also makes them suitable for carrying around during travel.

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