The Secret Book of Rules to Change Your Life (Debbie Brewer)

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So you've been thinking for a while that something needs to change. You're not 100% happy, and you know it's you that has to make the change. But exactly how? And what? It's simpler than you think! All you really need is a set of rules to follow and some inspiration. And that's it! Sounds easy? Well, it is, but, (and yes, there's always a but), you have to treat these rules as law. They are not guidelines. They are not for you to dip in and out of whenever you feel like it. They are easy to follow rules that when you seriously decide to apply them to your life, will enable you to become the confident, beautiful, unique person that you really are. You are going to shine so brightly, others will be asking you for your secret. They will see such a change in you, this amazing new person that you will become, and all you have to do is follow these very simple rules. With this book you are going to learn to love and respect yourself, and you are going to spread that love and respect to everyone you meet.


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