The Whole Truth Sea Salt Chocolate (No Added Sugar) Imported

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80 gm

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Product Description:

  • It’s the way the little bursts of sea salt draw out all the notes of cocoa. As you realize that bitter, sweet and salty weren’t supposed to be together. And yet, here they are. An unlikely trio, dancing in the dark. Dancing, in your heart.
  • Bean to Bar is a process where we make our Dark Chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sourced from Idukki region of Kerala to perfectly pair with Omani dates
  • This Dark Chocolate is sweetened with Dates, that are naturally sweet and contain natural fiber, whereas regular chocolates are either sweetened with harmful artificial sweeteners (that come with an advisory) or with refined sugar (which has very high glycemic index and has zero fiber).
  • This Dark Chocolate is Vegan and contains no dairy or any ingredients that are animal derived.


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