USB Triple Socket WF-0100

M.R.P: 1450   Price: 1450
1 pc

* It can be used for all kinds of vehicles
* It has a USB port on it to charge and use mobile products such as mobilephone,MP3,PMP,games
* It is adjustable angles up to 90℃ Directions:connect it to the cigar ligter Notes:
* Using it with 24V cehicle,please use with 24V products only
* Do not use more than 5A of the total amount used with this socket
* It has no function of cigar lighter
* Please check the connection before using it
* Insecure connection might be cause of damage for prodcts connected ,a fuse of vehicle or battery
* Do not install it in the place where air bag has effect on the operation or driving obstructs
* Do not dismantle and remodel it ,it might be cause of damage to peripheral device
* Don not use it with other usage than its function


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