Vista Rustkleen Mf Evo Spray

M.R.P: 490   Price: 490
550 Ml

Vista Rustkleen MF Evo is a multi-Functional spray designed for high penetration & excellent capillary action.

A non-toxic formulation for reopening jammed assembly

- High coverage
- Opens jammed wheels and nuts
- Cleans corrosion on engines
- Lubricated door hinges and windows
- Non-toxic formulation
- Removes adhesive labels and bumper stickers
- Displaces moisture from delco, ignition systems, and electronic parts
- Restores original properties of electrical components

Direction for Use:

- Shake well before use
- Hold the can upright, at a distance of 10-12 inches, and use the spray extension tube for easy application
- Spray product uniformly on the surface
- Allow it for few minutes and then wipe
- In case of heavy rust, allow to rest for long to enhance efficacy

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