Whisper Choice Ultra XL Wings Pads 20 U

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20 U

Product Description:
Whisper Choice Ultra gives you up to 100% Stain Protection. It’s approximately 50 mm longer than other pads and its all-around leak guard protects you from leaks from all sides. Its blue core with liquid-lock magic gel locks the wetness in so that you have a comfortable period. Its wings fit snugly around your underwear to keep the pad in place and it has a fresh floral scent that makes you feel fresh even during your periods.

Key Features
- Provides up to 100% stain protection
- Extra Long pads: 50mm longer (vs regular pads)
- All-around leak guard that prevents leakage from any side
- Blue Core with Liquid Lock Magic gel that locks wetness in
- Wings that fit snugly around the panty to keep the pads in place
- Fresh flower scent for freshness even during periods

How to Use
Whisper Choice Ultra pads have adhesive strips that attach securely to your underwear. Remove the paper backing and press the sticky side of the pad onto your underwear. Now remove the paper sheet on top of the pad holding the wings together (flaps that fold over the side) and wrap them around yourself.


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