Wipro Safewash Front Load Liquid Detergent Pouch

M.R.P: 490   Price: 340 31% off
2 L

Product Description : Wipro Safewash Front Load Liquid Detergent gives you germ-free fresh clothes with a brilliant shine. It nourishes and entangles cloth fibres that have been damaged and gives them an unbelievable shine. It leaves behind a fresh fragrance keeping your clothes soft, smooth and great to wear. Key Features: - It has a colour protection technology that ensures your clothes do not fade - It is an Acid-free liquid. - It is an ideal detergent for all fabrics - It easily dissolves in water - It leaves no residue on your clothes - It protects the colours of your clothes How to Use: - Use 1 capful for a regular load. ½ for heavy load. - Pour the liquid into the detergent compartment. - For tough stains, put a drop directly and rub gently. - Wash for sparkling fresh clothes.


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