Amul Masti Dahi (Cup)

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Product Description :
This cup of Amul Masti Dahi is delicious curd made from pasteurised toned milk by one of India's most loved and trusted dairy brands Amul. Enjoy yummy curd whenever you feel like. Have it with your meals for good digestion at all times. Dahi has been a favourite part of Indian cuisine and dining for generations. Maybe because it's so nutritious and good for your health or simply because it's so humble and tasty. Is any Indian meal complete without a portion of dahi on the side? The best part about dahi is how versatile it is. You can have it as it is, with salt or sugar, mix it into your kadhis or sabzis, have it with biryani or whip it in raita. It can even be used in dessert and experimental yoghurt recipes. Amul Masti Dahi is made from pasteurised toned milk. It's available in poly packaging in 200 grams, 400 grams and 1 kg variations and PP cup packaging in 400 grams, 200 grams and 100 grams variations. This ready-to-eat curd from Amul also packs in protein and calcium. Amul Masti Dahi is known for its consistent quality and affordable price. This is a vegetarian product.
Ingredients :
Pasteurised Toned Milk, Milk Solids and Active Culture.


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