Epigamia Strawberry Greek Yogurt

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Product Description :
Epigama means in Ancient Greek meant a way to Formalize the relationship between different nations. Epigamia greek yogurt is one of the most authentic yoghurts which advocates a healthy lifestyle with a delicious taste. The creamy rich texture enables it to be nutritiously dense and satisfying. Yogurt is a source of Iodine, which helps to increase metabolism and promote weight loss. It is lower in lactose as well as carbohydrates making it much easier to digest. Strawberry pulp and lemon juice concentrate are added to Greek Yogurt to make the delicious Strawberry Greek Yogurt. All Natural, No Preservatives, No added colours or flavours, High protein, Low fat. Pasteurised double-toned milk was used. Active Live Cultures S Thermophilus, L Bacillus, Delbrueckii Subsp, Bulgaricus added. Fruit Content: 9%; Contains added natural flavour (Strawberry); Contains permitted natural colours: Beetroot and black carrot concentrate. 
Ingredients :
Greek Yogurt (Pasteurized Double Toned Milk, Milk Solids, Prebiotic (Pectin), Permitted Lactic Acid Cultures), Processed Strawberry Pulp (Sugar, Strawberry Puree, Water, Stabilizer (Pectin), Lemon Juice Concentrate, BeetrootConcentrate, Black Carrot Concentrate, Natural Flavouring Substances) .
How to Use :
Ready to eat.


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