Antiwear Heel Sticker Tape

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1 pc

Product Description:

Brand new and high quality use it anywhere easily being rubbed and painful, such as heel, ankle, finger, toe, sole, and so on help prevent the rubbing pain, blister, red and swollen. Waterproof design, preventing dirt from entering and better protecting the skin. High elasticity, soft and comfortable, not tight or rigid superb breathability optimizes the wear comfort a lot. Easy to apply and tear off, no residue left. Specification: item name: heel sticker material: high-quality.
• Protect from blisters, calluses, and irritation caused walking or outdoor activity. Moleskin blister.
• Simple to use no discomfort and can be wearing. Heel care stickers.
• A feet care heel pads for men, women, kids or people who need care for their feet. Foot blister patches.
• Relief pain prevents toe or fingers from pressure. Heel cushions pads.
• Fits fingers or toes and can be cut or trimmed easily. Heel protection bandage.


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