Baidyanath Aloevera Juice

M.R.P: 250   Price: 250
1 L

Product Description :
- Aloevera Juice revered for its health benefits in all ancients civilizations and modern science.
- Ayurveda recommends its usage in skin problems, hair fall and dandruff, liver disorders, digestive problems, joint pain, constipation, boost immunity and source of nutrition for complete body as its rich in vitamins, enzymes and micro-nutrients.
Key Features:
- Helps to lower blood sugar levels
- Helps build up a healthy digestive system.
- Cleanses and supports your digestive system.
- Infuses you with energy.
- Supports your immune system.
- Soothes and Promotes skin renewal.
Ingredients: - Aloe vera juice
How To Use:
- Take 30 ml of Aloe vera juice twice a day.
- Consume daily within 1 month after opening.


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