Blistrum Colostrum Chewable Tablet

M.R.P: 720   Price: 720
60 capsule


Blistrum is Colostrum, a nutritious food. Colostrum is a highly studied & researched product having more than 1000 medical references. Colostrum has been in use ever since the evolution of mankind. It is life’s “First Healthy Food” Mother’s gift to a child and is loaded with metabolic activators and immune system boosters with growth factors. It supplements human milk as it contains up to 40 times the amount of Immunoglobulin than human milk. Colostrum contains over 80+ biologically active compounds. One can safely say that Colostrum is a 360° Health Cover.

  • World-Class Quality – 100% Colostrum
  • Rich in HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides)
  • An Oral Immunoglobin
  • Colostrum is processed under special cold conditions retaining its rich bioactive compounds.
  • Produced under the highest manufacturing standards
  • Free from foreign particles
  • Tested using stringent protocols, processes, and guidelines.
  • Approved by international companies.
  • We deliver value and quality which is equivalent to Australian & American standards.
  • The cattle are treated with utmost love and care under extremely hygienic conditions.


Additional features of Chewable Tablets:

  • – High Bioavailability, Sublingual administration
  • – Gets absorbed into your system directly and quickly, without passing through stomach acids.
  • – Good for those having trouble in swallowing medication



  • Immunity& Energy
  • Height & Weight gain
  • Sports Performance
  • Exercising
  • Memory Boosting
  • Allergy Management
  • Nutritional requirement of kids
  • Overall development of a child


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