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Boroline SUTHOL Body Hygiene Neem Spray (100 ml)

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100 ml

Product Description :

Suthol is a refreshing, antiseptic liquid packed with pure extract of Neem leaves, perfect for bath hygiene.
Suthol Antiseptic Skin Liquid is a smarter way to fight against prickly heat, itches and skin rashes. It being liquid, it penetrates deep within the skin, carrying its healing and protective ingredients to provide one with the best protection and relief against skin problems.

How to use:
- Mix a cap of Suthol antiseptic liquid in a mug of water and use as a rinse for bathing. Suthol antiseptic liquid has a preventive effect against skin rashes and keeps skin refreshed.
- Spray Suthol antiseptic liquid from the spray bottle after bath, on any body part that needs relief or freshening up.
- In case of cuts/wounds, wet a cotton pad liberally with Suthol antiseptic liquid and repeatedly wipe the affected area.

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