Chaizup Assam Gold- 100 Tea bags

M.R.P: 175   Price: 169 3% off
100 Tea-Bags

Product Description:
- TEA BENEFITS : Builds a stronger immunity, alleviates stress, improves memory, calms an anxious mind, helps to get better sleep, keeps sugar in control, aids digestion, keeps a healthy heart, aids in weight loss, natural body detox, and makes skin glow
- Assam Masala Tea has spices with anti-inflammatory properties which helps build immunity while perking up your energy levels when consumed. The ginger and cloves in it has the property to provide relief to anyone down with a cold or cough.
- Packed with antioxidants, our refreshing Assam Green Tea leaves blends are both healthy and flavourful. Whole leaf teas blended with 100% natural ingredients are very good for a full system detox and aiding weight loss.
- FINEST ASSAM TEA: Enjoy the rich taste of our finest Assam tea
- QUALITY :100% Natural Premium Tea


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