Chaizup Green Tea with Natural Honey and lemon- 25 Tea Bags

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25 Tea-Bags

Product Description:
- AUTHENTIC TASTE: The green tea lemon and honey is a delightful blend of the finest green tea leaves with the tanginess of lemon , goodness of honey
- LEMON AND HONEY FLAVOUR: Lemon with goodness of Vitamin C Contributes to immune defense by supporting various functions of immune system. Honey exterminates toxins from the body, replacing it with healthy minerals and vitamins.
- TEA BENEFITS : Builds a stronger immunity, alleviates stress, improves memory, calms an anxious mind, helps to get better sleep, keeps sugar in control, aids digestion, keeps a healthy heart, aids in weight loss, natural body detox, and makes skin glow
- NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Green Tea conatins a mix of natural green tea leaves, lemon and honey - which help in boosting immunity, and improving digestion and metabolism.
- TRAVEL-FRIENDLY SACHETS: Our flavoured tea premix comes in individual single-serving sachets that are easy to carry while traveling. You can enjoy a fresh cup of chai anywhere, without any hassle.


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