Chhedas Diet Poha Chivda

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350 mg

Product Description:
Diet Chivda contains nutritious ingredients and is known for its rich aroma, high purity, delicious taste and crispness. The mouth watering taste and low cholesterol content makes this chivda perfect for evening tea or coffee. These snacks are available in very attractive and air tight packing that helps to retain the healthy content of these snacks.
How To Use
  • Best served with hot beverages like tea, coffees etc.
About the Brand

The year was 1993, and Mr. Ashok Chheda, hailing from the Kutchi community in Mumbai, set out with a word of advice from his mother and a simple vision to guide him. What was the advice? To earn the respect of the community, it was important for him to start up his own business. Coming from a family of traders, Mr. Ashok Chheda knew the ins and outs of trading. So, what next? Picture this. Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, had never woken up to the possibility of something other than Potato Chips as a snack. Here is where Mr. Chheda saw his opportunity, and under the name Chheda Wafers, introduced traditional Banana Chips in standardized packaging. This is how the journey began.


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