Chitale Bandhu Instant Gulab Jamun Mix

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Product Description :
This product from the house of CHITALE BANDHU MITHAIWALE has shelf life of 3 Months and it can be stored in cool and dry place.
Key Features :
- Instant Gulab Jamun Mix
- Made up of 100% natural ingredients
- Provides authentic taste
- Helps to achieve a moist and fluffy texture
How to Use :
- Preparation of Gulab Jamun
- Add 3/4 cup (average size) 120 ml water to the mix and make it into soft dough by gently mixing.
- Add water in steps while mixing. Apply vanaspati or ghee to your palms and make small round shaped or elongated jamuns.
- Fry them over low heat in edible oil (or ghee) over a period of 5 minutes, till golden brown jamuns develop.
- Do not fry on high flame or at the smoking point of the fat. Soak the fried jamuns in hot sugar syrup of moderate strength until the jamuns have absorbed the syrup fully.
- Preparation of Sugar Syrup
- Dissolve 4 cups (average size) of sugar (600 g approx.) in equal quantity of water and boil it for 5 minutes. flavour the syrup with cardamom or saffron.


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