Daawat Sehat Mini Mogra Basmati Rice (Broken) 5 Kg

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5 kg

Product Description :
Daawat Sehat is a unique blend of Rozana basmati with special grains filled with Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12. Made with a special process, the nutrition of Iron and Vitamin remains intact even after washing and cooking. Each bowl (1 serving / 1 katori) of cooked Daawat Sehat has more Iron and Vitamin than even some nutrition-packed foods like apple, milk, or spinach. Just 1 bowl at lunch, and at dinner gives up to 40% of the Daily requirement of Iron and Vitamin, as determined by Indian Medical Research Institute. It keeps the family healthy, active, and alert. With Daawat Sehat, the family can enjoy the unmistakable fragrance and taste of the finest Basmati rice, with each bowl packed with essential nutrients.
Key Features :
- Daawat Sehat has some special grains that are rich in Iron and Vitamin.
- The shape and the shine of these grains might look different but are the very grains that are nutrition-rich.
- These grains retain nutritional value even after washing and cooking.


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