Dabur Meswak Toothpaste

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2 x 200 gm

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Product Description : Toothpaste is a dental care product used to clean and maintain oral hygiene. It typically contains active ingredients to combat tooth decay, plaque, and gum problems, as well as ingredients to freshen breath and improve overall oral health. Key Features: - Dabur Meswak is fluoride-free toothpaste – this makes it completely safe for your family’s use - It has pure extract of rare Miswak herb (Salvadora Persica) which is also known as the Toothbrush Tree. It is known for providing oral care to humanity since ages. - Potent Miswak extract is scientifically proven to give Ayurvedic A3 Protection: Antibacterial - Protects your teeth from harmful germs and bacteria. Anti-inflammatory - Prevents inflammation of gums & oral cavity. Astringent -Tightens gum-grip - Dabur Meswak provides Complete Oral Care: Fights Tartar & Plaque, Protection from Cavities, Fights Tooth Decay, Fights Germs & Bacteria, Gingival protection & Removes Malodour. - The awesome mouthfeel of Dabur Meswak is its unique signature which the loyal users of this amazing


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