Dabur Red Ayurvedic Toothpaste

M.R.P: 315   Price: 285 10% off
3x150 gm

Product Description : Toothpaste is a dental care product used to clean and maintain oral hygiene. It typically contains active ingredients to combat tooth decay, plaque, and gum problems, as well as ingredients to freshen breath and improve overall oral health. Key Features: - Dabur Red is Ayurvedic fluoride free paste which is a complete ayurvedic oral care for your family. - It provides 35% betterment on oral care hygiene index in comparison to other regular toothpastes. - Dabur Red paste provides protection from 7 dental problems: cavities, gingivitis, plaque, toothache, bad breath, yellow teeth, plus weak teeth, and gums. - Dabur Red paste is made with 13 potent Ayurvedic ingredients such as laung, pudina, tomar & sunthi. Laung/Clove helps relieve toothache. Pudina/Mint acts as a mouth freshener, thus, removing bad breath. Tomar/Aramacs has antibacterial properties. Dabur red paste, formulated with traditional Indian recipes, protects from all sorts of dental problems and helps with sensitive teeth.


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