Fogg Absolute Body Spray

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120 ml

Product Description : Fogg Absolute Body Spray is a fragrance product designed to provide long-lasting and refreshing scent to the body. It is formulated to offer a pleasant and invigorating aroma that helps individuals stay confident and fresh throughout the day. Fogg is known for its range of body sprays that cater to different preferences and occasions. Key Features: - Long-Lasting Fragrance: Fogg Absolute Body Spray is designed to provide an extended period of fragrance, helping to keep you smelling good for hours. - Variety of Scents: Fogg offers a range of different scents, allowing you to choose a fragrance that suits your preferences and style. - Easy Application: The body spray format allows for quick and even application on various parts of the body. - Convenience: The compact and travel-friendly packaging makes it easy to carry and reapply as needed.


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