Fogg Paradise Fragrant Body Spray for Women

M.R.P: 275   Price: 175 36% off
150 ml

Product Description : The divinely fragrant Fogg Paradise body spray has been crafted keeping the modern goddess, the confident woman of today in mind. It is an amalgamation of selected elements to perfectly complement the sweet but sexy, elegant but sassy woman. So, revel in the feminine mystery of Fogg Paradise that provides all-day protection from body odour. Fogg Paradise is a fragrant body spray that’s meticulously crafted to keep you smelling fresh and vibrant throughout your daily adventures. It has a crisp, vivid scent that’ll impress every one. One spray in the morning and it’ll stay on you for a very very long time. Each can of Fogg Paradise Body Spray for Women ensures you get more sprays as it contains no gas and is filled with only perfume liquid. Whether it’s your everyday commute to the office, a casual outing, a date, or sweating it out in the gym, take charge of your day with the confidence of the alluring Fogg Paradise body spray for women.


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