Fogg Dynamic Fragrance Body Spray

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120 ml

Product Description : Fogg Dynamic Fragrance Body Spray is a popular body spray known for its long-lasting and refreshing fragrance. Key Features: - Long-Lasting Fragrance: Fogg Dynamic Body Spray is known for its long-lasting fragrance, providing you with a pleasant scent throughout the day. - Refreshing: The body spray is designed to offer a refreshing burst of fragrance that can help keep you feeling revitalised. - Variety of Scents: Fogg offers a range of fragrance variants to suit different preferences and moods. - Easy to Use: The body spray comes in a convenient aerosol spray can, making it easy to apply. - Portable: The compact size of the spray can makes it suitable for carrying in your bag or pocket for on-the-go use. How to Use: - Hold the Fogg Dynamic Fragrance Body Spray about 15-20 cm away from your body. - Spray the body spray evenly on your skin, focusing on areas like your neck, wrists, and chest. - Avoid spraying directly on your face and sensitive areas. Benefits: - Provides a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance. - Helps mask body odour and keeps you smelling good. - Convenient for quick touch-ups throughout the day. - Offers a wide variety of scents to choose from.


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