Haldirams Rasgulla

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1 kg

Product Description :
Haldiram’s Rasgulla is a quintessential Bengali sweet dish, a kind of sweet dumpling made of sugar and milk. This sweetmeat which is primarily made of milk is hygienically processed by Haldiram’s and tinned so that it can be exported internationally. This tin of sweets serves as a perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth.

Ingredients :
There are three main ingredients of Haldiram’s Rasgulla and they are sugar, milk and rose water. To add flavours to Rasgulla, saffron, cardamom powder, pista, almond and lemon juice are also added. The dessert is made with cottage cheese or chhena, dough and sugar syrup. Chhena is generally mixed with dough and kneaded; then small balls are made from this mixture and boiled in sugar syrup.


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