Happy Karma Raw Sunflower Seeds

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350 gm

Product Description :
Happy Karma Raw Sunflower Seeds are a nutritional powerhouse you absolutely need! Raw sunflower seeds are small, nutty seeds that are packed with nutrients and offer numerous health benefits. These seeds are high in protein, fibre, and minerals such as vitamin E and selenium, making them a terrific addition to a healthy diet. They can be eaten on their own as a snack, added to salads, granola, or baked goods for a crunchy texture, or used to make homemade nut butter or other spreads. With their versatility and many health benefits, raw sunflower seeds are a terrific addition to any pantry. 
Ingredients :
Raw Sunflower Seeds
How to Use :
Consume directly out of the pack. Store in a cool and dry place. 
Benefits :
- Improves Skin Health -
The nutrition rich Sunflower Seeds help you preventing several skin disorders by preventing the entry of foreign particles into the skin cells and tissues.
- Prevents Hairfall - Sunflower seeds contain plenty of minerals including iron and hair promoting minerals such as zinc which help you prevent hairloss. Boosting tissue growth and repair, zinc helps keep your hair healthy.


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