Harpic Flushmatic Twin Pine

M.R.P: 164   Price: 156 5% off
100 gm

Product Description : Harpic guarantees to kill 99.99% of disease causing bacteria as well as germs while leaving your toilets and bathrooms smelling fragrant with a wide variety of mesmerising aromas. These cistern blocks are easy to use and can be easily placed in your flush tanks in order to maintain the hygiene of your toilet with every flush. Features: -Clear blue water with every flush. -In Cistern toilet cleaner that provides continuous cleaning. -Lasts up to 4 weeks depending on the usage. Benefits: -Harpic Flushmatic Auqamarine provides continuous cleaning, easy to use with no mess, cleans with Blue action, lasts upto 1 month depending on usage. How To Use: -Remove the block from the blister. -Do not remove the cloth. -Drop block into cistern but away from the water inlet. -To activate, wait for 10 minutes before the first flush. -Replace the block when the blue colour disappears from your water.


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