Jaypees Idli Dosa Uttappa Batter

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Product Description :
Jaypee's Idli Dosa batter is made of Parboiled Rice & high grade Lentils. Parboiled Rice has better Nutritional value as compared to other white rice as it is a rich source of Fibre, Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin B6. A good nutritional food intake helps you feel energetic, improves concentration levels. Idli Dosa has been a top breakfast item as Idli packs a good punch of protein, fibre and carbohydrates.
Key Features :
- Instant Products : Jaypee’s products are instant and ready to use, giving its clients instant satisfaction.
- Nutritious : Jaypee’s aim is to always give their patrons an experience of taste with health and nutrition.
- Delicious : Jaypee’s speciality is that they never ever compromise on taste and their products are Yummy.
- Hygienic : They stand by their principles of giving patrons homemade and extremely hygienic products.
- Quality Ingredients : To give the best to all their clients, Jaypee’s use only the very best quality ingredients.
Ingredients :
Boiled Rice, Black Gram, Ro Water.
Storage :
Store in refrigerator.


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