McCain Veggie Burger Patty

M.R.P: 144   Price: 144
360 gm

Product Description :
Take a bite of your favourite burger without putting yourself through a drive-through. Just bring home this pack of McCain Burger Veggie Patties, a slice of nutritional vegetables in a tasty concoction. 
Ingredients :
- This pack of vegetable burger patties brings you six patties that is filled with protein and a smattering of carbohydrates.
- In these patties, you will also find mashed potatoes, vegetables, spices and a crisp crust of bread crumbs.
- These patties are also rich in trans fat.
How to Use :
The patties need to be when they are not in use. You can defrost the number of patties you need in the microwave, or even fry, or bake. You can then place the patty between two slices of burger bread, layer with sliced tomatoes and onions, add a dollop of mayonnaise and cheese and take a big, delicious bite!

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