MTR Badam Drink Mix

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Product Description :
MTR Badam Drink Mix is a popular beverage powder that allows you to prepare a delicious and creamy almond-flavoured drink. It is made using high-quality almonds and other ingredients, offering a convenient way to enjoy the rich taste of badam (almond) in a beverage. MTR is a well-known brand that specialises in a range of Indian food products, including drink mixes.
Key Features:
- Almond Flavour: MTR Badam Drink Mix is known for its authentic and rich almond flavour.
- Convenient Preparation: The drink mix offers a convenient and quick way to prepare a badam-flavoured beverage.
- Versatile: The mix can be used to make both hot and cold beverages, allowing you to enjoy it according to your preference.
- Sugar, Almonds, Milk Solids, Cardamom
How to Use:
- Mixing: Take a spoonful of the drink mix and add it to a cup.
- Hot Drink: Add hot milk to the cup and stir well until the mixture dissolves completely.
- Cold Drink: For a cold drink, dissolve the mix in a small amount of hot milk first, and then add cold milk and ice cubes.
- Stirring: Stir the mixture thoroughly to ensure it is well-blended.
- Optional: You can garnish the drink with chopped almonds or saffron strands if desired.


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