Myor Pahads Pahadi Mix Rajma (Kidney Bean)

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Product Description:
- Myor Pahad's procured Pahadi Mix Rajm especially from the Hills have higher protein value., is cultivated as a food crop in the Garhwal region (Uttaranchal state, northern India), and in the bordering states and countries in the Himalayas.
- Pahadi Mix Rajma has always been on top of any food table, be it from Mexican to Indian recipes. These beans are naturally dried and are available throughout the year. They are reddish brown in color and have a kidney like shape. They have a very strong taste and are used in both hot and cold recipes.
- For Rajma Lovers, You bet there could be nothing better than the Chakrata variety, It is named after the Region where it is grown. To make any recipe, soak them overnight and pressure cook to neutralize the components that could lead to Indigestion.
- Authentic Village grown pulses free from Chemicals & fertilizers.
- Myor Pahad - Back to the Roots


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