Tata Sampann Organic Unpolished Toor Dal

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1 kg

Product Description :
- STAPLE INDIAN DIET: Savour the delicious bowl of Organic Toor Dal, a staple in the Indian diet
- RICH IN NUTRIENTS: Organic Toor Dal is naturally rich in protein and high in dietary fibre
- ORGANIC: Tata Sampann Organic Pulses are grown without any use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides
- PRODUCE OF ORGANIC FARMING : Tata Sampann Organic Pulses are produced and processed as per NPOP standard of India and USDA NOP
- UNPOLISHED: Does not undergo any artificial polishing with water, oil or leather thereby retaining its goodness and wholesomeness
- STRINGENT QUALITY CHECK: Ensures that the grains of dal are uniform in size and colour
- AMAZING RECIPES: Prepare delicious curries in combination with other veggies and more


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