Panchwati Namkeen Kanpuri Mixture

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Product Description:

- Kanpuri mixture is a spicy combination of mesmerizing fried peanuts and the goodness of aloo lachha which actually gave this namkeen actual form of it.
- It is the type of a mixture which goes literally with everything like consumer having three meals a day it goes with evening tea it goes with that any type of gathering like function or get together or giving an gifts to a function etc.
- this namkeen having a great taste or we can say an merger of peanuts and other differently attractive shaped namkeen which have all the taste which enhances the one becomes more refreshing with tea or cold drinks or hard drinks as well.
- This namkeen is in a great demand among all the consumer which are literally an eater of snack who just grab the packet and starts enjoying the great taste of the one.
- Kanpuri Mixture is one most demanding namkeen of all the above mixtures in this sector specially. Because it have a great nutritions of roasted peanuts and other smalls sprinklers of namkeen having an great taste and flavour which perfectly goes with tea
- Kanpuri Mixture contains goodness of roasted and spicy peanuts which gave us a huge kick while we having our drink session. Also the mouthwatering spicy fried gram flour with great shapes gives a prominent flavouring with drinks with family and friends and also increases the illumination of the occasions.
- Kanpuri Mixture is a spicy combination of all the ingredients use to make this prosperous creation of this company. It can goes with every drink you want and every meal you want to refresh your life.


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