Panchwati Namkeen Navratan Mixture

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Product Description:

- Navratan mixture is the perfect combination of all the prominent ingredients and chips also which gave an exclusive strength to this creation to glitter around others. It has a spicy and crunchier nature.
- Navratan Mixture is one of the most crunchier and crispier and also a spicy snack of all the snacks.
- Navratan mixture have roasted peanuts in it to energizes the one who have it with a tea. To make your day an impressive and tastier you can also made flavored a and well tasted recipies with this namkeen to make a brilliant mixture which goes and enhance the taste of tea.
- Navratan Mixture is a spicy one which gave us a huge kicks while we are having an drinks with our family and friends.
- Not every namkeen has that type of a quality in them but navratan has and gets you an anti boring match full of craze and happiness with your friends and family.


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