Pillsbury Rich Choco Oven Cake Mix Egg-Free

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270 gm

Product Description :
Pillsbury’s range of cake mixes make baking fun and easy. Make a rich and delicious chocolate cake with Pillsbury Rich Choco Oven Eggless Cake Mix. Add on some whipped cream and sprinkle some coffee powder to add a twist to your classic chocolate cake. These delectable, fluffy treats offer a delightful taste in every bite and go well with a wide range of toppings. Celebrate every small or big occasion with an eggless home-made cake! Just add water & oil, microwave it or bake in an oven, for a rich & soft cake, ready in minutes!
Ingredients :
Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Sugar, Milk Solids, Cocoa Powder (4.1%), Baking Powder, Edible vegetable oil (Palm), Modified Starch (INS1442), Emulsifiers & Stabilizers (INS477, INS415, INS471), Raising agent (INS500 (ii), INS341(i)), Iodized Salt.
How to Use :
- Pre-heat oven
- Mix: In a bowl, empty the contents of the pack, water, oil. Mix with a spoon for 2 minutes till no lumps are seen in the batter.
- Pour: Spread a few drops of vegetable oil or butter in a baking pan and grease well. Pour batter till 3/4th height of the pan
- Bake: Put the pan in a pre-heated oven and bake for 30-35 mins. Or Microwave for 4-5 mins.
- Cool: Remove from oven when a knife inserted in cake comes out clean. Let cake cool in pan for 30 minutes.
- Scrape the sides with a knife and flip the cake onto a plate. Decorate and enjoy!


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