RRO Primio Refined Groundnut Oil

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5 L

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Product Description :
Refined from first quality groundnuts, Primio has a high Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) content that lowers LDL levels (unhealthy body cholesterol), improves HDL levels (healthy body cholesterol) and helps reduce the risk of heart disease. It is by nature stable, with a high smoking point, and serves as a healthy, all-purpose cooking medium, great for deep-frying and safe to reuse.
Key Features
- Extracted from high quality groundnuts, refined to perfection, with crystal clear purity.
- Naturally stable. Traditionally known to be a natural preservative to retain the flavour of food.
- Completely taste & odour free, enhances the taste of food. A multi-purpose cooking medium, suitable for all types of cuisine & cooking.
Edible refined groundnut oil, antioxidant : TBHQ (E 319)
Storage Information
Store in a cool, dark and hygienic place.


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