Sunday Refined Sunflower Oil 1 L

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1 L

Product Description:
Sunflower oil possesses a good number of health benefits. It is an excellent source of natural Vitamin E (in fact highest source of vitamin E amongst all the leading edible oils produced in the world), consequently making it preferable in the Cosmetic Industry. Vitamin E present in sunflower oil acts as a moisturiser, which helps retain water in body cells. Sunday is a premium quality refined sunflower oil product from Liberty. It is processed from GLC tested and approved raw edible oils under stringent quality checks.

Key Features
- Is light in colour and low in saturated fatty acids - Has a high smoke point with neutral flavour
- Is light and clear in consistency, thereby helping in retaining natural flavour of the food ingredients
- Is rich in Vitamin E as compared to other vegetable oils
- Is high in Linoleic Acids (an Omega 6 Acid and monounsaturated) helping reduce bad cholesterol (LDL)
- Has the right balance of fatty acids (mono and polyunsaturated) which help controls the cholesterol in human body
- Most preferred medium for general cooking, baking, frying and salad dressing

Refined Sunflower Oil
Antioxidant - Tertiary Butylhydroquinone

Other Must Know Information
Best before nine months from Packaging.
Free from Argemone Oil.

Storage Instructions
Store in cool & dry place.


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