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RUSHIKHADI Herbal Henna Powder Black Mehndi For Hair Conditioner (pack of 2)

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100 gm

Product Description:
Herbal Henna Powder Black Mehndi For Hair Conditioner this is the best henna for hair conditioner. The color of the hair is black, but not too dark. It also provides softness and shine to your hair, which makes it look beautiful. It works by depositing a layer of pigment on your hair that locks in moisture and helps prevent frizz. It also promotes healthy-looking hair by adding hydration and nourishment without weighing it down.

Features & Details
-Product Ingredients Amla(Plyllanthus Emblica)Ext, Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis Ext, Henna(Lowsonia Inermis) Powder,Para Phenylenediamine, Citric Acid, Barium Peroxide,Q.S
-Products Instructions Store in a cool and dry place protect from direct sunlight and electric LED light, Avoid contact with eyes

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