Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks- 200 gms

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200 gm

Product Description:
Presenting Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks made with Super-Soft Technology that ensures the soya chunks remain super soft and absorbs the flavour so well, which makes your soya dish tasty. Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks are manufactured by extrusion of defatted soya flour from healthy soya seeds. Saffola chooses its ingredient carefully, and analyse & balance the key nutritional factors like protein, dietary fibres etc. to ensure optimum quality. Finally, it is extruded with strict process control to obtain soya chunks that cook softer, so that you can enjoy tender, juicy and tasty chunks. It is High in Protein - 53%, High in Fibre - 13% & Low in Fat (Nutritive value of Foods ICMR, JFST), which aids your Family's nutrition thanks to the goodness of protein and fibre and adds great taste to their everyday food with the tender & juicy soya chunks. Chilli Soya, Soya Aloo curry, Soya Mutter & Soya Biryani are some of the dishes that will taste good with Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks. Now every soya dish will be delicious. Try Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks -Tasty Super Soft, Soya Chunks. Soya chunk are also known as soya wadi, soya nuggets, soya badi, and soyabean badi.
Features & Benefits
- Absorbs flavours well which makes your soya dish tasty
- Made using Super Soft Technology that ensures Soya chunks are tender and juicy
- High in Protein with the goodness of fibre
- Low in fat
- 100% Vegetarian
- From the House of Saffola
Key Ingredient
Ingredients: Defatted Soya (100%)
Allergen Information: Contains Soya, may contain traces of Peanuts and Wheat Gluten
Usage Directions
Cooking method for Saffola Mealmaker Soya chunks
- 1 Cup of Saffola Mealmaker Soya chunks gives 1.5 cups of cooked Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks.
- Take 3 cups of water and completely immerse 1 cup of Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks.
- Add a pinch of salt to it. Avoid adding salt if preparing a sweet dish. Cook it for 5 – 6 min.
- Once it is cooked, drain and rinse well in cold water (2 – 3 times) and lightly squeeze dry for further use in any of your favourite recipes.


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