True Elements Chatpati Protein Muesli- Iron Rich

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Product Description:
True elements Chatpati Protein Muesli which gives 14g of Plant-protein per 40g of serving is an Indian desi version of Muesli, loaded with the right amount of chaat masala and spices.

Foods rich in protein are often considered to be boring and bland. Be it in the form of shakes or supplements, it never tastes exciting and lip-smacking. When your taste buds are craving for some spicy chaat but you also want to keep your plant-protein diet on track, True Elements Chatpati Protein Muesli is where you can get all your answers.

Our Chatpati Protein Muesli which gives 14g of Plant-protein per 40g of serving, is an Indian desi version of Muesli, loaded with the right amount of chaat masala and spices. When mixed with dahi or buttermilk, it can become one of the most delicious Chatpati retreats for your chaat cravings while not compromising on your plant-protein requirements.

Apart from the plant-protein goodness, our Muesli also gives a chatpata retreat to your boring protein diet. With a spicy, chatpata twist to your bland Muesli, we offer to you a snack loaded with protein as well as taste.

How will benefit you
Lose weight yet eat tasty snack-food:
Made from our 100% natural, whole-grain certified and premium quality rolled oats, a bowl of muesli is a rich source of fibre which fills up your stomach, prevents binge eating on junk and satiates your hunger with a crunchy parfait.

Power up your snack cravings enhanced with the delicious Indian Spices:
Made from the premium quality Indian spices to give you a feeling of eating chaat while balancing on your health requirements, this bowl of Muesli can instantly deliver a healthy yet tasty retreat to your taste buds and take your cravings to another level.

Snack it or Garnish it, enjoy it the way you want:
Our Muesli is curated in such a way with a delicious blend of natural, whole-grain ingredients, that it can be enjoyed in any way. Add a spoonful ofyogurtto a bowl of Muesli or just savour it with tea/coffee, it can enhance your taste buds and give a spicy twist to your spicy snack cravings.

Feeling weak/inactive in the morning? Boost your energy with a crunchy, chatpata breakfast:
Muesli is considered to be one of the most energising power breakfast to get you started for the rest of the day. Being combined with the Indian spices, it gives a delicious chaat flavour to your taste buds and makes you feel gratified."

Whole Wheat Flakes, Rolled Oats, Whole Quinoa Puff, Soy Nuts, Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Seasoning (Red Chilli, Cumin, Black Pepper, Rock Salt, Tomato, Mint), Edible Oil, Natural Soy Lecithin

Protein Muesli contains Almonds, Gluten and Soy. Packaged in facility that also handles Tree Nuts.

- Protein-packed cereal.
- Good source of Iron.
- Loaded with essential nutrients.
- Contains Antioxidants.
- Good source of Fibre.

How to Use
Muesli can be served with curd (1 cup of curd for 0.75cupof muesli)/ Buttermilk. It can be consumed as it is for a mid-meal snack or can be used as topping for ice-cream, porridge.

Good Source Of
Fibre and Protein

Why you should have this
Boost your Protein intake with a Chatpata Twist, packed with 14g Protein per serving

Storage Information
Store Protein Muesli in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid risk of infestation. Do not use if the pack is open or leaking.

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HW Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd


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