Aashirvaad Paneer Masala

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100 gm

Product Description :
The perfect balance of selected spices like kasuri methi, shah jeera, mace and ajwain blended together to provide the right mix of taste and aroma. The ingredient spices are sourced locally from across India and selected by experts to ensure the right aroma, pungency and quality. The pack consists of "Aroma Locked Technology" which ensures that the product has long lasting freshness. Resealable Zip-Lock Pouch Inside to retain long lasting freshness. High quality ingredients blended perfectly. Carefully selected spices like kasuri methi, shah jeera, mace, ajwain etc. Right proportion of ingredients to bring alive the paneer masala.
Ingredients :
Mixed spices (47.8%), {Onion, Red Chilli (11.3%), Cumin, Caraway, Black pepper (2%), Cardamom, (1.9%), cloves (1.4%), cassia (1.3%), Garlic (1.3%), Ginger (1.3%), Dried Bay leaf, (1%), Mace (0.6%), Ajwain and Long pepper}, Iodized Salt, Dehydrated Fenugreek Leaves and Cashew Nut (6.8%).
Benefits :
An exquisite spice blend of Paneer masala, it is made from locally sourced ingredients from across India. Experts have carefully selected them to ensure the right aroma, pungency, quality, and consistency. The pack also consists of Aroma Locked Technology – re-sealable zip lock pouch inside which ensures that the masala has long-lasting freshness. Enjoy the right balance of aromas and flavours as Aashirvaad Paneer Masala enhances the colour and adds an authentic taste to your all-time favourite Paneer dishes.


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