American Garden Popcorn Hot N Spicy Imported

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273 gm

Product Description:

American garden popcorn consistently delivers the best of flavor and fun to people across all markets in a variety of options :Microwave: Delicious movie nights are just a few quick pops away. Popcorn lovers can choose from natural, butter, light, cheese, hot and spicy and 94 percent fat free microwaveable flavors. EZ: Our EZ sachets are perfect for those who like making their popcorn on a stove-top, without the hassle of seasoning or using oil. Just open, pour and pop classic: The perfect starting point for gourmet homemade popcorn, american garden classic popcorn gives you the freedom to be creative and try new combinations.

  • No added MSG
  • Rich in fibre which is very healthy
  • American Garden popcorn hot n spicy delivers the ultimate combination of flavour and fun
  • Just in time for movie nights in, chick-flicks or sci-fruits, every movie is made great with salty hands full of warm popcorn
  • The perfect ingredient to make your easy, delicious and quick snacks


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