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By Nature Himalayan Pink Salt

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Price: ₹ 160.00   (Inclusive of all taxes)

Product Description :
- Purest form of salt that is raw and unrefined.
- Hand-mined from ancient sea salt deposits of the Himalayas.
- Low in sodium and contains 84 essential minerals.
- Chemical free and preservative free.
- Has excellent pH balancing properties.
Benefits :
- Low in Sodium
- Aids in Digestion
- Balances Body's pH
- 84 Different Minerals
Storage :
Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place in an air-tight container after opening the pack. Best before 24 months from the date of packing.
How To Use :
Use ByNature Pink salt as an alternative to your regular salt; but in lesser quantities. The thumb rule is to use 0.8 spoons of pink salt in the place of 1 spoon of regular salt. Marinate meat and veggies with pink salt before frying/grilling. Add it to soups and drinks.

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